The 2022 Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation Gala is presented by

 The 2022 Island Bash Gala will be held on February 26.  

By upgrading your sponsorship by Sept. 1, 2021, you will earn your entire group an exclusive champagne toast to kick off the 2021-22 Gala!   

 2021-22 Gala Benefactor – New Critical Care Tower  

The new Critical Care Tower is strategically designed to follow a patient’s progression from critical care to a step-down unit and will include a telemetry stroke unit. The tower will enable implementation of advanced technologies and interventions for a variety of acute medical conditions. Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for healthcare to be able to treat and safeguard the community when disaster strikes. Our ability to pivot whenever the unexpected need arises will be enhanced by the latest technology and construction techniques built into the critical care tower.  The new tower and the units within it will be designed to support families, offering access to overnight room accommodations, charging stations for communication devices, family conference space and access to food and beverages. 

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