roaring 20's 2023 gala

The Lights are Bright on Broadway Gala will be held on Saturday, January 20

Since early 2020, Chesapeake Regional Healthcare has undergone renovations to meet the evolving health care needs of our community by improving the hospital to provide better patient care and services. The renovations are allowing us to anticipate and prepare for the future needs of our community while delivering comprehensive, patient centered care now.

Historically, hospitals have been viewed as a place of healing. However, they are much more than just a refuge for sick patients. Chesapeake Regional has intentionally created spaces within its hospital to address both technology and comfort. They are places for patients, families, and health care workers to rest, recover, encourage and cure– which elevates the importance of creating significant spaces for each. We are proud of our history as a community hospital, yet are constantly addressing the challenges of today, while preparing for what may confront us tomorrow. We are tapping into the innovative technologies that set us apart while continuing to treat patients individually and with compassion.

Chesapeake Regional only realizes an average of three cents on each dollar of revenue. The renovations to the Priority Toyota Cancer Center, Richard S. Bray Critical Care Tower and Mother/ Baby Unit equate to 16 years of annual earnings. Your support to Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation not only impacts the ability of our hospital to grow today, but it also allows us to prepare for and address the critical needs of our community for generations to come.